Are you a South African or international student that seeks a way to study medicine (MBBS) in China or maybe a different degree in dental surgery (dentistry) or even economics?
If your answer is yes, you're in the right place!

Please be aware that there are only a percentage of universities which are recognized internationally and of that percentage, there is an even smaller percentage certified to lecture medicine in English.

Before you think you're ready and set to leave, here are a few important questions you should ask yourself...

If you want to study in China:

1 - Do you understand the application/acceptance procedures and then the registration processes once you've finally landed in China?
2 - Which forms do you use for which procedures and where do you get them from?
3 - As soon as you land at your destination airport(s), where do you go from there?
4 - Do you travel via airlines, buses, taxis or trains - which routes do you use and what are their travelling schedules?
5 - What are the limitations of your selected travelling and commuting methods?
6 - How are you going to get around and book travel tickets with no other English speakers?
7 - What permits, procedures and examinations are required before students are allowed to study and live in China legally?
8 - What's the procedure to book and claim private or university accommodation?
9 - How do you go about paying the university once you've landed in China with your university fees?
10 - Who are you going to go to for help when you land & experience problems (since many locals don't understand English in the area)?
11 - Where about are you going to stay, shop, eat, bank, study and socialize?

Student satisfaction guaranteed.

The answer to these and other questions is simple, you need an advisor to travel and be at your side when you're in China. Somebody that speaks and understands English to help you settle in when you arrive.

This is why the premium student care packages were created for all South African and international students.
It's to get students admitted to a Chinese university quicker than anybody else (the legal way) and to assisst students when they arrive – we take care of you and help you get settled in without requiring your parents to be at your side.

This Is Where We Come In - What Will We Do For You?

1 - We apply and get you accepted at a popular and trusted medical university (we apply to the Shandong University).
2 - Provide you with Visa application forms and other documents needed for the application to study in China.
3 - Pick you up when you arrive (depending on the airport - you have to fly in on the specified date that we set before the official orientation date).
4 - Provide you and the rest of the group with food, accommodation & transport in Jinan for up to 2 days while we sort out the tasks at hand.
5 - Provide you with assistance and information on finding private accommodation (as university accommodation is not the best option but we can assist with university accommodation bookings too, if requested).
6 - Show you common places within the university and your accommodation area so you'll be able to move around independently and socialize easily.
7 - Provide you with an experienced person that's there to assist with a range of tasks & procedures when you land.

All this is done for a fee of $1500 – our admission package fee will be partially refunded (less approximately $200 for our discretionary costs/expenses) if an applicant is not accepted (subject to terms and conditions).
A 50% deposit, for our admission package, is paid before making the application and the remainder falls due upon us notifying you of acceptance.

There will be a contractual agreement that needs to be signed before starting the application process.

International students, that aren't from South Africa, will be met once we've arrived in China, subject to the date their flights fly in to Beijing (the contractual agreement can be signed and sent back via email).


We'll get you registered at the university and what's more, we'll be around initially before you start your studies in China if you need any help - nobody else offers this level of personalized student care!

If you'd like to contact us now to keep your details on our group list, then submit your details via our contact form (please note: there is no such thing as guaranteed acceptance or immediate acceptance, so beware of others that indicate otherwise when applying to study in China).

Students have the option to study medicine in China, study dentistry in China and even economics  among other English-taught degrees. However, studying medicine in China is the most common choice among international students.