• March intake - application intake starts mid-November & the deadline is in December yearly.
  • September/October intake - generally, we do not take students for the September intake (unless the March intake is not available that year).

Dates may change & this is an approximate guide subject to university discretion (no late applications are considered).

Shandong University Logo for Medicine, MBBS, dentistry & BDS.

  • We apply to the Shandong University & require a 50% deposit of our admission package fee to be paid in advance before an application is made. The remainder of the package fee is to be paid within 7 days of being notified of acceptance (failiure to do so will result in the application being cancelled).
  • If a student is not accepted, a predetermined amount (+-$200 depending on exchange rates) will be kept to cover initial expenses/costs and we shall refund the majority of your deposit.
  • Please Note: If accepted, the university requires 50% of your university fees to be paid upfront when you land & reach their registration office in China (before they grant you your Chinese Visa and residence permit forms) - so please be prepared for this.

Requirements To Make An Application:

Firstly, our legal document will need to be signed by the applicant and their parent, guardian or witness (we'll send you this document).
Secondly, send in everything below even if you haven't received you Final Results yet - afterwards, you send in your final results/report/certificate once you receive it.

  • 1 -- You find that universities (and websites) state that students should obtain a 60% average or above in their school results (at the highest school level in a country eg. Matric in South Africa or A level results in foreign countries) and score above 60% for the English subject as this is an English-taught degree.
  • 2 -- International applicants should be at least 18 years old.
  • 3 -- A certified photocopy of your passport which should be clear and in colour (it should have greater than 9 months validity before expiry - make 10 certified copies for yourself to take with you).
  • 4 -- A recent passport sized photo (make 15 duplicates).
  • 5 -- A certified photocopy of your final school/graduation/matric certificate (and university certificate/transcript - only applicable if you're in or finished university) at the highest level - (make 10 certified copies for yourself).
    We also require your 3 most recent academic reports (your academic transcript) from your school/university (make certified copies of these for yourself).
    -> If you haven't received your Final Results yet, please send in everything else in the mean time (but you need to get a signed letter from your school/institution stating that you've passed, when you expect to receive your final results & that you'll upload it once you get it - must include relevant stamp/seal from your school/institution).
  • 6 -- A typed out letter with the applicant's details (eg. your financial gaurantor, immediate family and other details - we'll send you a template document to fill in).
  • 7 -- The Applicant's Physical Examination results which needs to be filled in & signed by the medical practitioner that does your medical check (we'll only send you this document if you're accepted - make 5 copies).
    It's required when you apply for a Visa at your local Chinese Embassy in your home country and when applying for your residence permit in China (you'll also need to get another medical check done in China).
  • 8 -- A typed out personal statement/motivation letter with applicant's name and signature (approximately 250 - 400 words stating the reason you're applying, your motivation to study the specified course, past achievements, your future study or work plans, personal experience, community service, academic and/or other important interests, what you hope to achieve by studying in China, etc.).
  • 9 -- A Curriculum Vitae/Resume that's signed by the applicant (we'll send you the document to print, fill in and sign - if you have work experience, you'll need to provide proof of it).
  • 10 -- 2 letters of recommendation from high school or university (make sure it includes your name plus the recommender's full name, organization, occupation, signature, telephone & email details).
  • 11 -- Take along your origninal final academic results & other certificates to present as proof (when you arrive for registration in China).

Documents must be clear and in either PDF, Microsoft Word or Image format - please use a scanner where necessary and make sure each document doesn't exceed 3 megabytes in size).
Some of the above forms/documents will need to be downloaded, filled in with your details and sent back to us - ask us for it (we will process it for you after the deposit is made).

Other Documents That Might Be Required:

  • 12 -- English proficiency test certificate, either IELTS or TOEFL (only for those applicants who are applying for an English-taught course & their native/first language is not English).
  • 13 -- A letter of 'No Objection' from the university that the student is transferring away from (only required if the student is a transfer student - name of the university and the university stamp/seal must be on the letter).
  • 14 -- Certificate from your country of 'No Criminal Record' (available at your local police office).
  • 15 -- You must submit an Employment Certificate or proof of work experience only if you have valid working experience (otherwise, a document might need to be filled in and signed stating that you don't have any employment/work experience).

>>>>> Upon acceptance, you'll be sent a scanned copy of your acceptance letter. The admission package fee must be paid in full within 7 days of the acceptance notification being sent to you, before the original acceptance letter and JW202 Visa Forms are sent to you via mail.

If your application is rejected, we'll inform you and request your banking details to complete a partial refund of your initial deposit (minus the +-$200 that we keep per application).
You'll be notified of a decision in 2 - 6 weeks.


-- Accommodation: It is recommended that students stay in private accommodation (we'll help with this) as the university rooms are not the best or very comfortable (you share a common kitchen, bathroom & toilet on each floor in many cases). Prices vary according to features but are slightly more expensive than university rooms when you share your flat with a roommate or roommates (if you apply for university accommodation, you need to know that it might not be available so be prepared to stay in private accommodation).

China streets.

-- Food: All types of food are available and supermarkets are in the area. There is Halaal food available for muslim students to purchase.

-- Travel: We will give you a date and you will need to fly in on that day to be in China, this can't be changed - it might be a few days before the official orientation date that might be stated in your acceptance letters.
There are buses and taxis in China that provide a flexible as well as affordable way of transport when you stay in China.

-- Luggage: South African international flights allow approximately 32kgs but Chinese domestic flights usually only allow roughly 20kgs so we generally use the train to get you to your university (always inquire with your airline to be 100% sure).

-- Support: There's no need to phone and check the status of your application. Once we've applied for you, it'll be handled & you'll be notified when a response is available within 2 - 6 weeks.

If you have any other questions, we'll be happy to answer them!